Detailed Trend Cards

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1Ageing populationMegatrend
2Alternative food systemsTrend
3Benefiting from globalisationMegatrend
4Benefiting from urbanisationMegatrend
5Care servicesWeak signal
6Caring for the environmentMegatrend
7Changing gender rolesTrend
8Cheap rural housing and rural second homesWeak signal
9Circular economyTrend
10Climate changeMegatrend
11Co-operatives and partnershipsWeak signal
12Community-based actionWeak signal
13Counteracting unequal development and rural declineMegatrend
14Creative economyWeak signal
15DegrowthWeak signal
16Digital economyTrend
17Diversification of rural economyTrend
18Diversification/specialisation of farmsTrend
19DIY movementWeak signal
21EcovillagesWeak signal
22Educational farmsWeak signal
23Food securityTrend
24Food sovereigntyWeak signal
25Food tourismTrend
26Growing food demandMegatrend
27Heritage tourismWeak signal
28Infrastructures, accessibility and connectedness of regionsMegatrend
29Integration of immigrantsWeak signal
30Local paradigmTrend
31Manifestations of new technologiesTrend
32Meaning and experience economyTrend
33Micro- and small unitsWeak signal
34Migration patternsMegatrend
35Multi-local livingWeak signal
36Multifunctional forestsTrend
37Natural and cultural heritageWeak signal
38New governance modelsWeak signal
39Pandemics and epidemicsWeak signal
40Place brandingWeak signal
41Policy incidence and effectivenessTrend
42Pop-up culture and gig economyWeak signal
43Public goodsWeak signal
44Remote workTrend
45ResilienceWeak signal
46Rural artisansWeak signal
47Rural business successionTrend
48Rural energy communitiesWeak signal
49Rural hubsWeak signal
50Rural in the social mediaTrend
51Rural lifestyleWeak signal
52Rural tourismTrend
53Search for better quality of lifeWeak signal
54Self-sufficiencyWeak signal
55Sharing economyWeak signal
56Smart solutions in rural spaceWeak signal
57Social enterprises and entrepreneursWeak signal
58Sustainability transitionMegatrend
59Technology-intensive farmingTrend
60Transparency of the food systemTrend